Immigration Law

We’ve lived in Korea now for just over three years and I’ve become convinced that package inserts may provide a clue to a nation’s immigration policies.

The air in the house is very dry in the winter so I purchased a humidifier. You know how when you buy something in the US that comes with an instruction booklet or pamphlet there are at a minimum two languages written there and frequently up to five languages?

Not so here on the peninsula. It’s read Korean or stumble through on your own.

So now I wonder if package inserts are a commentary on a nation’s regard for those who do not speak or read their language? I’m just guessing here but I suspect that in a country with single language package inserts the immigration laws are tough.

Conversely, immigration laws are probably more lax in countries with multilingual package inserts.

Anyone looking for a doctoral thesis should feel free to use my hypothesis.


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