Runaway Bride

Typically I oppose religious litmus tests for political candidates. The words that follow make no argument for such a test.

I have long feared that the Church, voting in US elections with a single minded focus on abortion, had aligned herself with forces contrary to God’s will for the people. That the pro-business right was dropping pro-life breadcrumbs designed to lead patriots, with religious passions enraged, on a pathway laid out to have them willingly, if not joyfully, commit themselves and the nation to a life of servitude to corporate interests whose sole goal is the pursuit of wealth.

Many Christian’s of that Party reject any governmental role in feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, inviting the stranger in, healing the sick, clothing the naked or visiting the prisoner. This despite the fact that the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States indicates that one of the goals for the document is to provide for the general Welfare of the citizens of this country. Ignoring the Constitutional arguments Christians often argue other points that have no basis in the scripture but are typically rooted in their own personal beliefs concerning the role of government. Inevitably the arguments point to the absolute surety that any social programs helping the needy are taking away from the treasures they themselves are working so hard to store up on earth.  Jesus told us that the location of our treasure is also the location of our heart (Mat 2:21).

With Christian voters by and large solidly supporting Mitt Romney, a proud member of the world’s biggest, most influential cult, the adulterous affair between church and Satan has become undeniable. The marriage is scheduled for consummation this November.

Friends I have known for years who freely acknowledge that the Church of Latter Day Saints is a cult impersonating Christianity are poised to endorse a member of that organization for President of the US. Ironically these same people typically and proudly proclaim that the US is a Christian nation. If that were so, a man who wholeheartedly believes that Christ Jesus is the brother of Satan and who has invested a large portion of his own personal wealth to advance that heresy would not enjoy the support of the Bride of Christ. Support which leaves me with a shamed head bowed low.

I’m ashamed because of the double speak coming from my Christian brothers and sisters. It is speech that says from the heart that we, the US, should be a Christian nation when abortion is the topic but not so much when healthcare or the poor is the topic. The Bride has left her first love and now serves mammon or worse.


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